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Faking A Homestead

If you’ve ever been to Portville, NY… you might understand I didn’t always live this “Boca” life. I didn’t even choose this life, it kind of just happened when my family moved here 20 years ago. Where I grew was a nicknamed The Enchanted Mountains and your drive to or from town was full of views. Grazing cows. Growing corn. Roadside farm stands. Nothing at all like where my kids are being raised.

Sigh. But a girl can dream right? Or fake it until the City of Boca shuts me down. Just a little peek at what is making me every so giddy in my own backyard.

Lime tree from last year is super fruitful this year. It wasn’t planted in the most ideal spot for sun but thriving none-the-less. Lemon tree we just planted a couple months ago and I think it will be an amazing producer. The chickens, well 2 of the 8, are now laying. One or two eggs a day in total but I’m hoping to see a few new nesting boxes with egg in the coming weeks.

The roses bloom on and off all year. The Jasmine and gardenias are spring bloom and you can not miss the beauty and aroma of the Jasmine wall. I LOVE IT. Baby pineapple and what looks like 2 new pineapple crowns coming up. Hooray!




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Fall y’all…

I realize we are in South Florida and what we experience is a far cry from the known and loved season of FALL. We crave it, most of us have roots in places where the air is crisp, the leaves are varying shades of orange and red, the cider mill is open, and the cozy feeling of sweaters and boots are in full effect. That is fall. Fall is so so so much more than a dip in temperatures, it is a true shift in mentality and experiences. When you think of fall, your body tingles, you can smell it, you can taste it. Fall is an excuse to bake using apples and pumpkin in every recipe, bust out a crockpot, purchase a cinnamon broom stick, post obnoxious pictures of a seasonal flavored latte.

So before fall comes and goes and I get swept away with the hustle of the holidays, here are a few things that I want to try and do to savor the moments of this fall.

(Shameless plug, my schedule from now until Christmas is super jammed, so if you have not already booked a session with me, do so quickly! Holiday cards and maternity/newborn)



+ find an apple orchard? pick apples? make homemade applesauce with the old Johnny Appleseed looking pot cranking thing my mom gave me

+ make a new soup at least 4 times, ideally a new soup every Sunday

+ bake pumpkin-apple butter muffins for gifts

+ get a haircut

+ eat outside any day the weather is in the 70s


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The bath routine.

You know I barely have five minutes to shower alone. Most often my showers are accompanied by one or two children and I’m jammed in to a small corner of the shower rushing to wash my hair on the rare occasion that I even attempt to do so. My kids thing that shower is a fun place to play. All kids love water activities.

When is comes to bath time, I am always looking for fun ways to make it more enjoyable for them. The longer they are contained in the tub, the less movement I have to do and there is almost zero clean up required. The other day I decided to treat the kiddos to some new bath bombs. We have tried everything in the tub, bath colors, bubbles, bath crayons, glow sticks, and toys. The current obsession being bath bombs. I figured London would love selecting a few of her own so we made our way in to LUSH while strolling the mall. Fresh handmade cosmetics. Not only do they look fun but they smell amazing and have a lot of beneficial qualities. I WISH I had a bigger tub and any opportunities to soak in a tub. London quickly filled a small basket with her choices, which included a product called “FUN” that is like a bath playdoh. You’re able to break off pieces and they’re fun to mold but also double as a soap type body wash. Hudson was not so amused by it as London decided to use it as make-up on him instead.

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