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Project Ten | November

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love projectTEN then be sure to check out all the other fabulous ladies and see what ignites their passion for photography!
Katie Hall, Paula Richwine, Cait Jensen, Lisa O’Brien, Rebecca Bender, Parker Slaton, Rae Barnes, Erin Gregerson, Kelly Lapp, Stacy Hart, Kate Neal, Emily Troutman, Heather Butler

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Awww, shoot.

We just came home from a short family trip to my hometown of Olean, NY. Normally, we spend anywhere from 2-4 weeks there in the summer but this trip was only a mere 6 days. June weather in New York is so incredibly delightful. Cool and crisp mornings, that fresh loud and chilly rain, and breezy quiet nights. There is a bit more to say about this trip but I can not resist sharing these images from our last night. I literally grabbed my freshly bathed child, the vintage foot bath tub my grandfather soaks his feet in, and walked a few houses down to shoot this series.

I am tempted to stay up all night to get through a few other favorites from this trip. For photography purposes, I really wish I was there longer, selfishly to just photography my kids!!!!

ALSO, if you haven’t already… make sure you check out my new website. You can get to the blog from there too!


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IG for Dummies.

If you’re not familiar with the term “IG” this may not apply to you. IG is the abbreviation of Instagram, a photo app that has been around for a while now, leading people to believe they are artsy photographers in the making. I currently have a small following of about 400, and equally follow just as many. I follow people I do not know in “real life” but that share similar interests such as being a mom, having kids, blogging, fashion trends, etc. and of course I follow all my real life friends and family. In fact, I am following a few (about 5) people that I can not stand because I need the laugh.

There are lots of IG etiquette measure that one takes when posting a picture. Like for example do not post a picture without properly giving credit if you in fact did not take the picture. Try to only post pictures that have been taken with your cellular device, unless clearly noting that it was not taken with said device but rather your $5,000 DSLR and run through photoshop several times. These are just basic rules of what I think maintains the integrity of the app.

NOW ON TO MY PET PEEVE. This is not a matter of class but rather creation and I KNOW that photography is subjective and art is art and we all see things a little differently. I know we all think the “selfie” we are posting is our best angle and smile. I know we ALL think the crop and filter action is clever and defines who you are as a smart phone photographer. But for the love of God sometimes I swear Helen Keller is hacking the people I follow. Um, HELLO??!!! You’re in a picture with 3 people, 1 has their eyes closed and one is mostly cropped out or just falling out of the bottom of the picture. And did you NOT notice your lazy eye? Was it of no importance to you to see to it that the image was in focus? Perhaps you need an eye exam. I’m scrolling through my feed right now and will quickly critique each of the latest 10 pictures to further prove how it pains me to continue following some of my “insta-friends” here…

1) Jeez…I see your caption mentioning your meal prep in your vintage Pyrex of which I am a big fan but the Pyrex is full of mushrooms. Fungus, really?! They’re so gross and of almost no nutritional value (I think) and even if they were the #1 super food of the world…THEY. ARE. STILL. FUNGUS.

2) Cool. Your kid is sitting under your desk while you check your email. #toomuchpersonality? Nooooo try #whataweirdomaybeheisahermit and again, this picture is SO bad, your kid is UNDER THE DESK!

3) Your 3 year old snatched your infants bottle of breastmilk and took it to the head. Ok, that is a good one, but so gross.

4) Caption “so I only hangout with people who look related to me” and in this photo I see 3 mustaches, but 2 of you are girls.

5) Caption “ice cream with mom and sister for Mother’s Day” but there is NO ice cream in the pictures. Soooo yeah you’re a big liar.

6) OMFG. 3 bacon and crab stuffed mushrooms. Caption “this is my husband spoiling me today” orrrrr maybe he hates you a lot. Like wants you dead from fungus. You should hang out with the girl and the mushroom Pyrex party.

7) Caption “hubby just surprised me with an awesome Mother’s Day gift, a jogging stroller, does anyone know anything about this stroller or if it is good?” WHY did you say it was an awesome gift if you don’t even know what the hell it is? How about you say “my husband is sick of me being fat and pregnant and wants me to run ASAP.”

8) Cats. I hate cats.

9) My sister as a pregnant bride/model. What a weirdo.

10) Julia, stop posting pictures of my sister as a pregnant bride/model. What a weirdo.


So there ya have it. Any questions?

Next I will provide you with examples of HOW TO EDIT a photo for Instagram.

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