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Completely Random Thoughts….

Do not expect a heart warming or moving post here people.

Living in South Florida and mid-way through the scorching summer, I am finding myself already beginning to count down to Christmas and the possibility/idea of cooler weather. I have committed myself to creating a cute little countdown when we get to the “100 days” before Christmas mark. At the same time, the fact that summer is winding down means that fall fashion is about to hit stores and my BEST advice to all you mothering people out there, GO SHOPPING! Go shopping NOW and stock up on the sizes you think your child will be from now until about January of 2015. Once that fall merch is here you will be really hard up to find shorts, tee shirts, bathing suits, cute dresses, and basically everything else you need to live year round here. This happens to me every year where a kid has grown a full clothing size and I can not for the life of me track down any suitable new options. This year I’ve told London that she HAS to alternate from dresses to leggings because I seriously can not keep her in the same 5 maxi dresses she insists on wearing on rotation.

We have had some rough days, boring days, exhausting days, perfect days, exciting day, and all the in between days over the last couple months. I am reminded of all the goodness when I hear London laughing her innocent little hysterical laugh. This can be caught when playing hide and seek and you scare her (even though she tells you where she is and when to “find” her) or at random during an episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos. She really gets a kick out of all funny things about animals. You can imagine the laugh today when she was hiding from Mike and he scared her when “finding” her but he was hidden behind our chunky King Charles who he dangled in front of her with a confused look on his face.

Hudson amazes me every single day with his vocabulary. The sentences can be choppy but the child takes his vocab of well over 100 words and pieces things together like it is nobody’s business. He knows what he wants and he does his very best to tell you. He is such a smart little cookie. At this time in London’s life, she was preparing to start school 2-3 days a week. I often wonder if I’m doing the right thing in keeping him back a year, In my head he is well ahead of the average kid his age if there even is such a thing.

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Luckily, it’s not contagious…

is all I can say about the illness that plagued me the last half of the week. I am not one to brag, but I am quite the seasoned nursing mother. Further more, nothing has changed in Hudson’s nursing routine in the last 15 months of his life. We nurse on demand. I started feeling kinda worn down and beginning flu like symptoms late last week. I tried to get a little extra rest (yeah right, that is a sick joke) and tried to up my vitamins and water. Slowly but surely, my right boob began to feel sore, show signs of redness, and become fully engorged. Now I don’t have small boobs to begin with, and I apologize to the friends who received the text image proof of this, but when I tell you one side of me was the size of an average cantaloupe, I’m not exaggerating. The pain was so intense, like hold your breath sharpness, sore to look at or even so much as brush against, and nothing was giving me relief.

Boob soup- hanging it over/in warm water and massaging. No luck.

Hot shower- I almost passed out, and then I had to dry my hair, doubt whammy.

Heat pad and warm compress- only released a few drips.

Nursing Hudson- he quickly lost interest in that side as nothing was coming out.

Back and forth via text with a lactation nurse, and sending Mike to Whole Foods for my list of crazy items to attempt a homeopathic witch potion- SUCCESS. After 48 hours and a close call with antibiotics, I can say I think I’ve healed myself. Mastitis, you are not my friend and you are not welcome back. 

Recipe for my “Get your boob loose juice” …. raw honey, cayenne pepper, vitamin c, echinacea, phytolacca, garlic (i couldn’t handle that part), and SLEEP.

Now back to my regular scheduled life, including a surprise trip to DISNEY on Friday. Yay!

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lessons in mommying…

I think I just made that word up but it seems to fit. Mommying. It looks awfully weird but I’ll go with it for now. It is inevitable that the past few and future few years held and will hold lots of marriages and babies for people close to me. Of most of my college friends I was one of the first to have a baby or two. I know of two pregnant ladies, I am suspicious of 3-4 ladies, and I have challenges out to another 4 ladies to get pregnant within the year. Yes, this is what my life has come to.

I appreciate the compliment of how well I did pregnancy (my husband may disagree), I love to hear how I somehow make mommying look easy, and I love nothing more than to lend an ear or advice (oh how I hated advice) to those women who are on their way to mommying. Everyone knows that I have spent countless hours researching baby and child products and usually know what and where to get, find, do, or fix all things infant. I take mommying very seriously but I also have a lot of fun.

I am preparing a series of sorts, hence my title here. Lessons in mommying. This might one day turn in to a best selling book. There are things your other mom friends might not tell you, others your doctor is not at liberty to share, some you just do not want to hear. Well, you’re going to read about them all here. I doubt this will be very well thought, most of the time mommying is just mental and emotional vomit!

Lesson #1:

Accepting your future in mommying.

You’re pregnant. This is what 6 pee sticks, 2 blood vials, and 1 ultra sound confirmed. For the next 40 weeks your body will grow human. You have recalculated your due date 17 times by using a random online due date generator. You will be so tired you might trip over your own eyelids. You will become ravenous, no pantry in the world is safe. The future looks bleak as you are now limited to 200 milligrams of caffeine and zero sushi. You know it is too early but you simply can not help yourself as you browse baby gear online and fill up your Pinterest boards for hours. Oh, you’re mommying. You’re already making notes of potential baby names, planning your baby shower, and picking out newborn photoshoot props off Etsy. You’re counting down the weeks or days until your next doctor appointment, although dreading the fact that you will have to pee in a cup at each visit. The idea of finding out the sex of this baby is consuming.You probably had to pause while reading this to go pee. This is mommying.

You want the carseat and stroller NOW. Is it too soon to paint the nursery in a neutral palette? You better tell your mom and sister that you refuse to have cheesy games at your shower. I’ll end this post so you can go get a snack and some ginger ale, but believe me this is only the beginning of mommying.


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