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Share the Love. Matilda Jane Style + Giveaway

Just when I start to wonder how Matilda Jane will out-do their last collection, they do. And each collection I proclaim to be my favorite. Aside from the amazing quality and details that go in to each piece of MJ, London absolutely LOVES wearing it. We play this game each day while getting her dressed. I hold up a couple options, and she makes a selection. We repeat it until she stops me on “THE WINNER” which is the pants or top or dress that she would like to wear that day. We start with pants, and it never fails that she ends up with a pair of MJ leggings. The material is so soft, so stretchy, and so fun. She is learning to be creative with her clothes and style herself, through her Matilda Jane pieces. She will ask me if certain items go together or tell me why this top can pair with that bottom. I love it. MJ is no longer reserved just for special occasions, this is what London wears daily! It’s like every single day is a party to dress for!

I live for the moments when I catch London off in her own little realm. Speaking softly to herself or some inanimate object, telling a story or singing a song, and her imagination is running wild and free. Her outfit today, was not only one of her favorites, but left a memory in my head about the story she was telling while sitting there with that flower. The Gallery Leggings are completely dreamy. The cut is so unusual and cute, the material is like butter, and the vibrant floral are swoon worthy! Top them off with THE perfect tee, and a layer of girl fun. London is already asking to wear these leggings day after day, if you have a little girl these are a total must. I’m giving away TWO $50 Matilda Jane gift cards, see below to enter!

Tops: Biscuit tee and Turtledove Knot Top…Leggings: Gallery Leggings

To share the Matilda Jane love, and style your little one, enter to win one of two $50 Matilda Jane gift cards!

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*Contest runs through Midnight, Jan 22nd!

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Dreams and Dress Up…

Something about playing dress up with your daughter for the first time, fulfills this life fantasy of what motherhood was meant to be like. I can recall the exact appointment when my doctor told me that the little life inside of me was a girl. All along I had been rooting in favor of a boy, but my mind quickly changed to hair bows and ballet class. So many of my mom friends talk about how they just love to dress up their little ones, and long before they can tell you what they will or will not wear, they are donning the frilliest frock and sky high hair bows. London is now a creature of habit and texture. All the tags must be cut from her clothing and she is very particular about her stylish digs. One thing I never have to worry about it her choosing something boring, she keeps me on my toes with her fancy and whimsical style. I know without a doubt that each time I bring home a Matilda Jane Clothing piece, she will quickly select a piece from her closet without question.

In her closet now, is a section of dresses that were hand me downs from my cousins, all worn and photographed bringing with them vivid memories. Also in that section, is a dress from my childhood, one of the last standing items from a decade of specialty children’s’ wear  and carefully selected fabrics and trim. You may call this vintage, but they hold memories from my grandparents who loved to dress us and my mother who worked very hard to ensure we were provided special dress items as best as she could. Now, when I dress London or rather when she dresses herself, it is the beginning of a story and a new memory. What she is wearing will trigger the scent in the air, the funny phrases she spoke, the bat of her eyelashes, the expressions and quirks that only that day holds. At almost four, my greatest memories as told through pictures, all recalled by the threads she dons. Her dreams are my dreams, and I see them every single day in her eyes and words. Thank you to Matilda Jane Clothing, for bringing us the pieces that become part of our story, dreams, and closet.

You can also view a few of our other favorite dresses from the new Paint by Numbers Collection, here.

Seen here are the Sky View Puffer Tee, Turtledove Knot top, and Gleam leggings. All viewable over at Matilda Jane Clothing.

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