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Faking A Homestead

If you’ve ever been to Portville, NY… you might understand I didn’t always live this “Boca” life. I didn’t even choose this life, it kind of just happened when my family moved here 20 years ago. Where I grew was a nicknamed The Enchanted Mountains and your drive to or from town was full of views. Grazing cows. Growing corn. Roadside farm stands. Nothing at all like where my kids are being raised.

Sigh. But a girl can dream right? Or fake it until the City of Boca shuts me down. Just a little peek at what is making me every so giddy in my own backyard.

Lime tree from last year is super fruitful this year. It wasn’t planted in the most ideal spot for sun but thriving none-the-less. Lemon tree we just planted a couple months ago and I think it will be an amazing producer. The chickens, well 2 of the 8, are now laying. One or two eggs a day in total but I’m hoping to see a few new nesting boxes with egg in the coming weeks.

The roses bloom on and off all year. The Jasmine and gardenias are spring bloom and you can not miss the beauty and aroma of the Jasmine wall. I LOVE IT. Baby pineapple and what looks like 2 new pineapple crowns coming up. Hooray!




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Little things…

It’s definitely easier to remember the “big” things your children do. Even in the moment you may think something is a “big” thing but before you know it, experiences compound, and those once big things are now the little things. I am trying to be more in the moment, especially when as I mentioned earlier this week, those moments are flying by. Using my phone as a camera is always the easiest but that often leads to me doing other things on the internet, texting, etc so I am putting down my phone more during the day and picking up my camera. I LOVE the way my life looks when captured in photos. I have said countless times how awesome it would be to pay someone to follow me around and take pictures all day. This would ensure two things. 1) I do not miss a single moment, and can do the best “freeze” of time that man is able to do and 2) I would actually be in some of the pictures. Well, life has no afforded me that Kardashian luxury, so for now I will be the photographer and I will be forever face behind the camera.

The little things I see during the day are what keeps me going even when the messes, meltdowns, and laundry piles up. The little things are the reason I know God gave me these kids. The little things are what I will wish I could see and hear again long after they leave the house. These little things are what inspire me each day.

London crawling into the crib or cuddling up with Hudson wherever he is. Reading to him, “fishing” for him with the slinky, watching herself in the mirror as she sings twinkle twinkle little star. Picture here is the “like a diamond in the sky” verse.

It does not take kids to learn the importance of the little things, but it does take a camera to remember them best!

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Real. Life. Captured.

It is obvious by now that I have a passion for pictures. I could always appreciate pictures before, even though I would fight my parents to be part of any. I never knew what they were feeling when they tried to click a family photo. When I gave birth to London, 3 years ago, that all changed. I was in awe of this little person and everything she did. I was completely enamored with her sweet features and beauty. Minutes and hours passed and I could not believe how quickly she was changing. It is really true, the million people who have told me, “they grow so fast.” At the time I had a Blackberry and a pretty old Sony pocket camera. I was constantly in her face trying to freeze time with my photos. Shortly after her birth I upgraded my camera to be able to continue documenting our life.

Planning and seeking a wedding photographer brought new light to my eyes. When Kat Braman had us for a practice run, she showed me in her images how I felt my life to be. Our engagement pictures and certainly our wedding, bring back very specific emotions in the story each frame tells. I can thank Kat for her guidance and my husband for his support in what has now become Rachel Eade Photography. With my Canon in hand, I am setting out to give to other mothers, what I know they all so badly want. Time…frozen. While it is not realistic to be able to do this any other way, photography is the forever reminder of the journey you take as parents and with your child. No mother or father should have to break the bank to be able to enjoy gorgeous images of their story. You should not have to wait around for a special occasion or someone to by chance snap a shot of you all together. They may not be perfect, they may not be “formal” but they should be your life. Your real life. When Kat shoots my family, as I will FOREVER ask her to do, she freezes my feelings, my love, my heart. When I shoot a newborn, a child, a family, my goal is provide a capture that you will look back on and remember exactly how that baby felt all curled up, how his sweet fingers were curled up by his face as slept. You should recall the laughter from your toddler and she was chased and bribed for “just one picture please.”

I never want to look back and have regrets on not capturing the most perfectly imperfect time of my life. I want London and Hudson to be able remember how I lived for their smiles I want every parent, grandparents, and couple, to own the frozen piece of their past freely and often. I love this thing called photography and I love when it is real. I hope everyone takes the hour or two to get in front of a lens, ANY lens, and know that it is worth it!


Photo credit and gratitude: Kat Braman Photography 

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