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Project Ten | September

I seem to have completely spaced on August but despite being a day (or two) late for September I am getting it in. I really LOVE to have my camera around when we are home and little moments (which you realize are big moments later) are happening. I’m most intentional when we are home vs when we actually go somewhere and I’m trying to be present at that place or experience.












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The bath routine.

You know I barely have five minutes to shower alone. Most often my showers are accompanied by one or two children and I’m jammed in to a small corner of the shower rushing to wash my hair on the rare occasion that I even attempt to do so. My kids thing that shower is a fun place to play. All kids love water activities.

When is comes to bath time, I am always looking for fun ways to make it more enjoyable for them. The longer they are contained in the tub, the less movement I have to do and there is almost zero clean up required. The other day I decided to treat the kiddos to some new bath bombs. We have tried everything in the tub, bath colors, bubbles, bath crayons, glow sticks, and toys. The current obsession being bath bombs. I figured London would love selecting a few of her own so we made our way in to LUSH while strolling the mall. Fresh handmade cosmetics. Not only do they look fun but they smell amazing and have a lot of beneficial qualities. I WISH I had a bigger tub and any opportunities to soak in a tub. London quickly filled a small basket with her choices, which included a product called “FUN” that is like a bath playdoh. You’re able to break off pieces and they’re fun to mold but also double as a soap type body wash. Hudson was not so amused by it as London decided to use it as make-up on him instead.

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Fall Freakout…

I know that it is only August but I’m so desperately itching for fall. This weekend I busted out my crockpot, only to find out that is was completely dead. Today, the Yankee Candle magazine came in the mail with their new fall line featured. I’m adding cinnamon to every recipe I make, apples are starting to look that much more delicious and shiny in the produce section, BOOTS are on my brain non stop, and we spent about $400 on new football gear for everyone this weekend.

That may sound like a lot of money, but there are few factors that contributed to the new NFL and Collegiate gear.

1) I am no longer a Jets fan. Saying this feels like I’m spitting directly in the face of my father, but I’ve consulted him and I think he is with me on this. I’ve decided to go back to my childhood hometown (defaulted by location) and support the Buffalo Bills. Not to mention they drafted an FSU quarterback, so bonus points there.

2) Hudson skipped directly over the size of all his last years gameday gear and London shot up a few inches so all her FSU dresses were sent to Florida State sorority houses where they can repurpose them as shirts or headbands.

Our weather is showing zero chance of fall anytime soon but a girl can dream. One thing I can PROMISE you I will not be participating in this fall is the Starbucks pumpkin spice craze. Last year, we had a slight mishap in the garage and London spilled one of these seasonal beverage on to the concrete garage floor. Believe me when I tell you, the concrete has been stained orange ever since. I can only imagine what that does to the insides of someone’s body. Holy stomach ache.

Tomorrow I have a cute little blog about a super cute little family and their cutest new addition. Shot in a casual lifestyle format. Typing this makes me want to share it tonight…but I won’t. Instead, I’ll share my own cuteness.



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