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52 Lists Project… Week 2

As you may recall, I started this 52 week list project last Sunday. I love getting pen to paper for this and I was hoping to buy some fancy organic pulpy paper but have yet to do so. This week was just as fun as the first week. I was giddy leading up to checking out the topic and equally satisfied each time I added a word or phrase to the list. I do see a theme trending thus far and that is that coffee has make the list both weeks. Oh coffee, how I love thee.



LIST YOUR GREATEST COMFORTS (and these are in no particular order except for the first one)

JESUS//warm towels//clean sheets//hugs from my kids//coffee brewing//239 N. 2nd Street//fuzzy slippers//MY MOM//the Portville cemetery//Arizona Iced Tea Company//campfire s’mores//the smell of chlorine in an indoor swimming pool//my car//a stormy summer day//a cozy sweatshirt//my cell phone// a credit card//FSU football//the sunrise//fresh snowfall//warm donuts//the smell of books in a library//a walk in nature//finding a bird’s nest//a newborn baby//burning a candle//holidays with family//a smile from a stranger//a fluttering monarch//ice cream//baking//room service//not setting an alarm clock//traveling//wearing layers//singing to an old familiar song//Disney & Disney Princess movies//pedicures//photography//anything cinnamon//homemade soup//a rocking chair//a pretty note


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52 Lists Project….

Who says resolutions have to come at the beginning of the year? I may be late to the party for 2013 or am I just getting a head start on 2014? Either way, I figured July is as good a time as any to pick up a 52 week project. Without the madness of the holidays and the buzz of resolutions, there is no pressure to start something fun and fresh in the middle of the year. Mike and I are in week two of a lifestyle change with food (which I will begin to share once I feel more comfortable with it all.) We decided to kick our average eating habits and break in to a full “clean eating” home. I will try to never use the word diet because a diet is not really for me. But eating real, clean, nutritious food, and calculating our meals and water is something that can drastically improve the quality of life. Settling upon that also sparked the need for a little mental reboot.  I came upon Moorea Seal and a series on her blog about 52 lists. the 52 represents the weeks of the year and the lists are exactly that. Prompted lists for a better YOU.

Who doesn’t love a list?? I love everything about makings lists from picking out the paper or notebook and pen to writing the list, re writing the list, scratching off the list, carrying around the list, looking back at the list, and the lists of why I love lists goes on. I feel like I have freed up space in my head if I have made the list a physical thing by writing on paper. I truly enjoy the entire process of list creating and list completion. This series gives you a list each week to inspire and prompt your mind, heart, and soul. You can even search for lists that others have made to help encourage your growth and promote your own list! I love that on the Moorea blog, she gives you a really cute template to work with each week and if that doesn’t make you want to but out a pen, reading the lists from others might do the trick. I think this project will be really great for me to start my week with so I plan to use this for a  Sunday post series.

I would love to do a 52 photo project too but this list deal seems totally me, right now.  If you want to play along, tag your list!


WEEK ONE // 52 Lists


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