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All Things Merry…

Welp I totally forgot to turn on my “big camera” today. Luckily, I have some never before seen shots to share from recent days. I’m already saddened by the idea of this month going by too fast. Cookie exchanges, holiday dance recital, Christmas school chapel… it’s all crammed in to the next two weeks. My shopping and prep is far from complete and to be quite honest I feel like there are things I have yet to even begin. One thing we started this year, and I am LOVING, is our advent calendar. This year, we have hung an adorable grouping of prints from the Naptime Diaries. Each day corresponds with a great Bible verse and encouraging wisdom for this holiday season. I highly recommend this for anyone in the future, although it is not to late to follow along as they are offering a printable version too!

(Please excuse the terrible iphone picture taken at night.)


So… things aren’t always perfect in a Christmas card shoot, as you well know. For example, sometimes a kid falls off the bench.

No worries, he was unharmed and still just as excited to see “snow” in our yard.

And wouldn’t you know, I’m obsessed with these jammies from Hannah Anderson. I think I want to order every print. Mike quickly shot me down when I suggested that I buy them matching for all four of us. Scrooge!




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Boca Holiday Parade…

Classic, cheesy, low budget, hometown holiday parade. The best kind. London was excited for the street vendors selling overpriced light up crap and Hudson had no idea what he was in for. As usual, London covered her ears because she hates loud noise (funny that she always has the ipad volume blasting) and the marching bands were roaring! Hudson thought the emergency vehicle sirens were awesome and sat in awe of all the lights and perpetual motion. Both kids fell asleep before it was over.

I’m thinking gingerbread houses are in our future for this weekend.


Also, this is totally normal “post nap hair” for Hudson.

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Empire State…

It is not often that Mike travels for work, and when he does he usually offers to take us along, to which I decline. When he mentioned he had to go for a meeting in NYC, on Hudson’s first birthday, there was no question that we were packing up to tag along. I would NEVER in this life pass up a trip to NYC. I love that place. I love the heck out of that place. I love that place so much I hope I can be buried underneath it. Ok probably not because I bet it smells super funky and has giant rats, but I dream of NYC and my perfect life would be a life lived there.

Tickets and hotel booked, convinced my mom to come with me to help with the kids, and I begged Mike for his time and blessing to do a family photo session in Central Park. I knew the fall colors were in full force, I knew we were due for some family shots, I knew my kids had just turned 4 and 1 the week before, and I knew I would so regret NOT doing it. So we did it. Lucky for me we did, because my big girl camera took a little spill the day we arrived and was not performing for me. Thus the images from this shoot, combined with a handful on my phone, are the only forever memories we have from this quick but perfect trip.

Thank you to Sarah of Sarah Day-Boodhoo for capturing these sweet images for me. I can not wait to hang a few BIG ones in the new house!!




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