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The Cut…

About a month ago, or more, I was watching a YouTube video that someone had shared on Facebook. The video was called “Emily’s Haircut” and documented a little three year old girl named Emily who had heard about children with cancer losing their hair. It must have been explained to her that since her hair was so long, if she cut it, it could be sent to make wigs for children with no hair.

London overheard me watching the video and asked if she could see it. Of course I let her watch it. At the end she told me she wanted to cut her hair like Emily. A few weeks ago I told London it was about time that she needed a haircut and I was going to make an appointment with Aunt Sarah. (YES I make appointments because my sister is booked people.) I told London to think about how she wanted to cut her hair. Mind you, London has had her haircut close to twenty times in her life but always just a trim. I reminded London a few days ago that her hair appointment was coming up and she responded “Mamma, remember that video of Emily? Can I watch it?” So she did, and again she told me that she wanted to cut her hair short, just like Emily & her friend Avery from her old school. I explained to her that it would not grow back very fast and that is could take a while. I told her once it was cut it could not be put back on. In a way, I selfishly gave her all the scenarios to think of in hopes that she would settle on just another trim. I was nervous that she could not fully understand how it would feel to dramatically cut the long hair you have known for your entire 4 years of life! London had watched a Charlie Brown episode about a girl name Janice with Leukemia and knew exactly what kind of sick children would be getting wigs from her hair.

Today came, and Aunt Sarah came over to drop off Vita before work. We both talked to London about her hair cut, measured out the 10 inches required for donation, and showed her how the cut would look. She smiled and brushed us off like we were annoying her with details she was already aware of. I continued to pester London with questions about cutting her hair and how she would feel and what if and how about and so on and so on.

We walked over to the salon. And then…

0F1B1351 0F1B1352 0F1B1353 0F1B1354 0F1B1355 0F1B1356 0F1B1357 0F1B1358 0F1B1359 0F1B1360 0F1B1361 0F1B1362 0F1B1363 0F1B1364 0F1B1365 0F1B1366 0F1B1367 0F1B1368 0F1B1369 0F1B1370 0F1B1371 0F1B1372 0F1B1373 0F1B1374 0F1B1375 0F1B1376 0F1B1377 0F1B1378 0F1B1379 0F1B1380 0F1B1381 0F1B1382 0F1B1383 0F1B1384 0F1B1385 0F1B1386 0F1B1386_1 0F1B1387 0F1B1388 0F1B1389 0F1B1391 0F1B1392 0F1B1393 0F1B1394 0F1B1395 0F1B1396 0F1B1398 0F1B1399 0F1B1400 0F1B1401 0F1B1402 0F1B1403 0F1B1404 0F1B1405 0F1B1406 0F1B1407 0F1B1408 0F1B1409 0F1B1410 0F1B1411 0F1B1412 0F1B1413 0F1B1414

I get it. It is just hair. It does not define a single thing of who she is. She was able to show me just how little the things on the outside really matter. I often get caught up in who is wearing what and how I should look but none of that has ever mattered to London. She absolutely gorgeous and what goes on the outside has always been of little significance to her. She doesn’t know the price of clothes. She doesn’t know the trend of hair. She doesn’t care what anyone else is wearing.

When it was over she bounced down from the chair and ran around the salon pumping up all the stylist chairs. It had taken every ounce of her to sit still long enough to get a *mostly* straight little cut.
There are no words to describe how proud I am of what she did today. Even though I just had a while blog of words written and it vanished. London gave something very big without asking for a single thing in return. The hair she has known for her entire 4 years of life is now being sent off in the mail. Despite her moods, angry fits, foul behavior, and less than pleasant demeanor at times, she truly has the biggest heart. She loves to love and she never fails to show that.
London was completely cool and calm the entire time. Even after the leopard bag of her detached hair was handed over, all she could talk about was how excited she was to show her hair to Vita. We walked home and I asked London if she wanted to stop for a treat and get ice cream since she was so brave. She just smiled and said “Nah, let’s go home.”

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Worst Weather Ever….

and the award goes to FLORIDA for it’s performance in “Winter.” Seriously missing the snow today. My Facebook is blowing up with gorgeous shots of that white fluffy stuff, well that and the FSU soon to be National Champions. I’m scrolling back through my pictures from the past week and keep falling more and more in love with each little detail of London in the snow. So… what better therapy for my broken snow heart than to make a whole post of it!

It never gets old. She loved it as much the first day and she did the seventh day. I loved watching her the first day and the seventh day. I loved spending 10 minutes to get her fully clothed and have her come in and strip it all down into a puddle on the floor within seconds, because I remember that exact scenario from my own childhood. I loved her pink cheeks and chapped top lip. I loved the pieces of ice stuck in her knotty hair. I loved that she chose each knitted hat she would wear. I loved the little Sorel boots that matched her jacket. I loved EVERYTHING about HER and the SNOW!

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Go tell it on the mountains…

London had her school Christmas Chapel today. Sounds like a production, but as with anything for her age, her performance was less than 90 seconds long. To give you an idea of how one of these shows works for me…

7:00-8:00: Breakfast, get everyone dressed, pack snacks and drinks, get in the car

8:30: Drop London off in her classroom (Show starts at 8:50)

8:30-9:30: Sit in my parked car and entertain Hudson, nurse, allow him to press buttons, turn the car on and off, wipers on and off, music on and off, throw goldfish all over the floor.

9:30-9:40: Slowly make my way to the show, about 100 feet away, allowing Hudson to walk so we don’t arrive earlier than London’s time slot.

9:42-9:45: London takes the stage, I hold Hudson in one arm and run down the aisle to the front where I quickly snap an out of focus shot, and Facetime Mike so he can watch, her class sings ONE song, she spots me and starts crying and freezes on stage because she wants to go home with me.

9:46: I quickly run around the building to the door she will exit from and intercept her walking back to her class and tell her she can come home with me instead of sit in her classroom for an extra hour.

Are you tired yet? I’m exhausted. Now I treat her and Hudson to a day of mall Santa, Chick-fil-a, and the Christmas train. London makes a friend on the train and does not want to get off. Bribed and pulled away by a free balloon in the Nordstrom kid shoe section, boy oh boy is she ever my child.

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