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If all the rain drops….

Our original plan for today involved accomplishing one of my 30 before 30 items. However, thanks to Tropical Storm Debby, our helicopter ride was cancelled. Not to worry, this made for a great excuse to get outside and knock out #5 on London’s bucket list, jump in big puddles. It became quite a bit more than that as you can see from the pictures, we were all completely soaked. London was indulging in rain drops and attempting to showcase her new swimming skills in the puddles. After about 20 minutes, the thunder was a little bit too much for her so we raced home, losing boots along the way. She loved every minute of it!!!














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Kid Bucket List…

Everyone is familiar with my 30 before 30 challenge. It should come as so surprise that when I saw the words “children’s bucket list” and “toddler bucket list” somewhere recently I started to think, in a non morbid way, how cute this idea is. So I am coming up with a list of things for myself and London to cross off. Although she won’t quite know that all of these things are happening, I can document each of them and share them with her down the road!

I’ve just really started the list, and so many things she has done already like, make mud pies for instance! I would love anyone to throw out some ideas for us as I work on this list over the next week or so!

1. Lots of glitter and confetti photoshoot

2. Freedom with a fresh jar of peanut butter (which was impromptu and happened today). The way it went down was she could not reach her spoon far enough in to the last of the already opening jar. I myself LOVE the feeling of opening up a fresh jar of peanut butter so I figured she would too. Add 2 spoons, a few slices of apple, and grab your camera!

3. Have a paint fight.

4. Swim with dolphins.

5. Jump in big puddles.

6. Sleep outside.

7. Fly a kite.



If you were a kid, what would be on YOUR bucket list??






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