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Part of 6. {Getting here} Pt 2.

I often think about other adoption stories and how I have seen God orchestrate miracles. I never knew just how beautiful our own story would look until now, looking back on every detail that had to occur for us to be brought together. When Mike and I first began our adoption, we knew we wanted to work with a consultant. I learned this from my adoption community on Instagram. Time and time again I told the story of how Instagram has been the sole source for all things guidance, comfort, and support during our adoption journey. In my opinion there are two incredible Christian adoption consulting agencies. I met Casey, with Christian Adoption Consultants (CAC) and started to follow her own journey to bringing her baby home. At the same time she was starting her work as a consultant and I felt like she would be driven and encouraging of us bringing home twins. From day 1 I told her my heart was for twins. We were told several time that twins were rare and that the idea was something we should not get stuck on. Once we began reviewing scenarios, we felt like nothing was calling us to present (showing your family book to a potential birthmom for consideration) and I started to question the timing of our adoption. After all, we had just opened a coffee shop and the business was something I also needed to pour myself in to.

We were approached, by random contact, to present to a birthmom. Something told us that we should present and we did. She took one look at our book and did not want to see any others, she chose us. We loved her, we started building a great relationship with her, and flew her down to spend a few days with us just before Christmas. A month or so after our visit, complications led to the loss of that baby girl. Mike was questioning if the adoption door was closing but I kept pushing that it only meant another greater door was opening. We are still loving on that birthmom, she is still special to us.

The week of Jan 26 we lost the baby. The same week “E” had met with the agency to place the twins. Within days both had occurred. Several weeks had passed and I felt like I should reach out to Casey and let her know we would still like to look at new situations, and I even emailed one of the agencies directly. I reminded this one in particular that we still had a heart for twins. She replied that a twin scenario had just come about and asked if we wanted to be considered. Sadly, in the same weekend of consideration, those twins miscarried. The magnitude of loss was growing. I never doubted or lost hope, I knew that something was already being prepared for us. One of the next e-mails from our consultant Casey was subject: Birthmom E, the message in the body was “TWINS” followed by a text, and a Facebook message. I’m pretty sure she was considering smoke signals to get this one to me as well.

I previously blogged part of this and how I told Mike and how we moved on this so I won’t go over all those details again but I will tell you this. Working with a consultant and getting to see God in your story is pretty much what dreams are made of. I never abandoned my twin dreams, I just had to trust God and allow him to work through me to get these twins home.

Up next… a letter to E.

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Party of 6. Pt 1.

They’re here. Breathe. Big sigh. They’re already one week old. Breathe them in.

I can’t imagine being able to get all my thoughts into one post so for that purpose we are calling this part 1. In no particular order, just what I can recall and how it comes to me.

Monday, July 13 9:00pm, E (we shall call our birthmom E for simplicity) calls to let me know she was just seen by the nurse practitioner where she stays and they noted some fluid and size concerns. I tried to remain positive and asked her mostly questions about how she felt and what were her desires. She reminded me that as always her goals and mine were always equal in wanting whatever was best for the babies. At 39/40 weeks of twin pregnancy I knew she was growing tired and her body had already been through so much to carry them this far. I told her I would everything in my power to get her seen by a more qualified doctor and push for induction. I hung up the phone as we always do, with a “love you girl” and got in bed. Ringer on loud.

30 minutes passed and the phone rang with that same collect call number, caller ID showing a Texas area code. I answered and the voice was not E. You have a collect call from “Hi, honey I just wanted to tell you I love you. They just came and took her.” To which I turned to Mike and said, it’s not her. She’s being taken to the hospital. Mike immediately called our attorney who said to try and get some sleep (yeah right) and she would start making calls. The next morning we left our house at 8am and arrived at the hospital which was 90 minutes from our house. The case worker greeted us and gave us what little information she had and let us know that E was not admitted but in a room for observation. 1 hour later she came back to us and let us know that a c-section was going to take place after office hours and to try and go get lunch and relax for a few hours and return. We walked out of the hospital, our options were limited. Mike had decided that it was a good week to start a 10 day cleanse. We had not even reached the end of the parking lot before the phone rang and it was the case worker to tell us they were taking E in for a c-section immediately after noticing some “points of interest” and the doctor was on his way.

Every chance we had to ask a nurse, ask the case worker, ask basically anyone else on the L&D floor who allowed to see E, we asked how our sweet birthmom was doing. Multiples times a week we spoke on the phone and exchanged letters. I know one day we will have the opportunity to meet face to face and I can not wait to hug her. This meeting did not happen at the hospital, for reasons out of our control. I remember Mike and I sitting in the waiting room directly in front of the nursery window and he asked me if I thought they were done to which I replied that I thought they had yet to start the c-section. No sooner did I look up to a tapping on the glass and a nurse waving a beautiful baby girl in front of me!

July 14, 2015. Quinn Story was born at 12:45pm, a text book twin. Coss Legend was born at 1:15pm, discordant growth, respiratory distress and exposure to meconium.

We exchanged hugs through the nurses and when the babies were born I held each one tight in hopes that E could feel or smell my love for her through them. Mike and I snuck back and forth from nursery to NICU to see our babies before leaving for the night. Little did we know we would be driving back and forth for 5 more days.

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