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JETS, JETS, JETS! Most of you already know that I was raised a New York Jet by my loyal and loving father. As part of my 30 before 30 challenge I wanted to sit FRONT row at a sporting event or concert. Considering my timeline is rather short, and the Miami Heat and Justin Beiber front row tickets are insanely pricey, my husband took it upon himself to lock us in to see the NY Jets play the Miami Dolphins. This year both teams are equally awful, however, the buzz around Tim Tebow was too good to pass up.

Despite the overcast and rainy weather, we drove down to tailgate which for me consisted of a sparking water and bagel prior to the 1:00 kick off. The weather was terrible for the entire game which ended up going in to overtime! The Jets did pull off a win and for that I am grateful but the game itself was incredibly slow and boorish. I love football so it is sad to say that among the few memorable highlights, one was the Ryan Lochte half time introduction.

Luckily I am a Florida State girl too so there is a lot of action of me there!!!






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Rhode Island…neither a road nor an island…

Items 16 and 23 of my 30 before 30 challenge were marked off this week.

First, item 23, ¬†we found a loving home for our sweet boxer. My sister and her husband to be recently moved to a new home a few blocks from us. They had mentioned months back that they would love to take Layla and the timing was just so that on Wednesday night of last week, the transaction was made. Layla is no longer a permanent fixture in our home, she is however, close enough to visit and I’m certain we will entertain some weekends for her in the event that they go on vacation or need a break. London was a little confused but I think this move was better for everyone. Sarah and Jeff have much more time to devote to her and our life with 3 smaller dogs is a bit more manageable from a canine perspective.

Item number 16 was to visit a state I have never been to. We had the pleasure and honor of attending a gorgeous wedding for one of Mike’s very best friend Jon and bride Nicole. Two lovely people inside and out, beautiful scenery, great food, and lots of love. For Mike and the boys there was also the “lots of liquor” involved. I was lucky myself to just manage squeezing into a middle seat on the plane and into a not-so-little black dress for the occasion. Newport is just as charming as I envisioned it, maybe even more so once you really start roaming the streets. I am sure we could have spent a few more days there but our time was limited.

I had so many funny stories that I should have written down for this blog, but I did not, and my pregnancy brain is getting the best of me. So I will just leave you with a few of my favorite pictures!







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Bahama mama.

Another check on the 30 before 30 list. This weekend, we hopped a quick 40 minute flight over to Nassau, Bahamas. Mike had never been, but knowing the weather would be great and the blackjack tables open, we couldn’t go wrong. Mike instantly made the casino his vacation spot, while my mom, London, and myself held down the pool and beach. A few notes about this trip.

1) No matter how much sunscreen I put on London, she still walked away with the most killer tan and highlights.

2) I only saw one other pregnant woman in a bikini, and that made me feel really awkward. Probably not as awkward as those looking on at me drinking virgin mojitos wondering what exactly was in my cup.

3) You have to gamble with money, to make money. Never sit down at a table with someone who is a rookie or just off the cruise ship for a few hours.

London really was quite the fish, she never asked for me to hold her in the pool as she normally does. The wading pool had a gradual slope and for the most part she could touch the bottom and was totally comfortable floating around on her own. When Mike was at the pool, she did insist that he jump in with her both forwards and backwards!

The big event of the trip, was our shallow water encounter with the dolphins. I had been talking this up to London for weeks and she was sounding certain of the idea, even after looking at pictures of her friend Olivia who had done this just weeks before. The morning leading up to this, she was on insufficient sleep and as we headed down to the marina she seemed very eager. Watching the dolphins warm up you would’ve though she was going to dive in alone if we made her wait one more minute. Well, our turn finally came around and as soon as we were given our bracelets and led to the orientation area, London melted down. She was full of tears and wanted nothing to do with the wet suit, water, or any dolphin what so ever. We sat through the video and I was set to go in alone…which I did. After about 5-7 minutes, I heard Mike yelling from the beach that London was putting on her wet suit and wanted to join me. She was still a little fearful of what would happen but I snatched her off the beach and sure enough she pet and kissed and loved on Kelly, the dolphin. When it was over, of course all she wanted to do was stay and keep playing.

All in all, it was a really nice weekend away. The Bahamas never disappoint!















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