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52 Lists Project Week 4

This week is a little deep! The topic for the list project on week four is to list your current and future goals and dreams. Huge! I can remember when people would ask me “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and I usually had an answer. First I wanted to be a teacher, then a doctor, next an event planner, for some time I dreamed of just being a stay at home mother, and even now I realize I may never have an answer to that question. My current job title is super long. I am a mother, blogger, photographer, wife, cook, maid, and I guess many other things however I hardly get a pay check for them. It is definitely more realistic to discuss goals and dreams. I have big huge goals and my dreams are quite fantastical.

The challenge here is really deciding which category to place my list items. Goals and dreams kind of run together for me I guess. I’m all mixed up in dream land but here we go. Also, this in someways an extention of my Bucket List that I failed to complete before I turned 30.


Week 4 // List Your Current and Future Goals and Dreams

+Stay humble

+Eat clean and mindful but never forget my ice cream

+Speak kind and thoughtful words

+Take care of my family, all of them, whenever I can

+Travel the country in an airsteam, bring along anyone who will join

+Travel abroad with my children, as often as possible

+Open a coffee shop, lots of coffee, lots of flowers

+Sew, seriously start to sew

+Take a hot air balloon ride

+Own a Polaroid

+Homeschool my children

+Live disease free

+Publish my children’s book

+Take a missions trip with my children

+Attend every sporting event my children are ever in

+Always chose love and patience

+Read more, finish the Bible

+Live in NYC

+Convince my grandparents to visit more

+Take that damn cruise

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30 before 30 recap

Well folks, I am just shy of 4 months away from the big 30. While I know that my thirties will bring me so many great things, I will sure hold tight to the memories of my twenties. I’ll save my farewell to twenties for a later post.

As if I needed to add anything to the fun and madness of December, I feel compelled by my brief free time this morning, to recap where I stand on my 30 before 30 challenge. If you aren’t familiar with the list now is a chance to catch up with me and maybe even help me finish this off!

30 before 30

1. Visit my Vermont family during maple sugaring. (This is set for the end of March or early April, hopefully squeezing it in just before the big birthday hits. Would also make for a nice little weekend of scouting Boston area rentals. Hmmm)
2. Read the Bible front to back. (Wow, I have really dropped the ball on this. Started off strong, but reading in general has taken a huge backseat lately. I think I can still pick up and complete this one.)
3. Greet runners on A1A and pass out water. (I am thinking about knocking this one out in January. Surely there will be lots of New Years resolution runners out there who would appreciate a little H2O)
4. Take L and Mike to the Bahamas. (CHECK! This was a lot of fun and we are definitely going back soon.)
5. Write/publish a children’s book. (Here I am just trying to find the time. I have my idea and I have an illustrator. Gotta hit the pen to paper.)
6. Send a hand written letter to someone once a month. (No problems here. We all know I love to send and RECEIVE mail!)
7. Make homemade pasta. (CHECK! I was mostly involved in the dough making and kneading which was awful. Thank you Williams and Sonoma for the Kitchen Aid pasta roller attachments.)

8. Take a photography or paint class. (Looking for a photography class that sparks my interest and has a convenient time. Would really just prefer to shoot my kids or friends)

9. Play golf, with my brother. (I know he isn’t reading this and I know the best I can ask from him might be putt putt, however if anyone has some pull with him in this way, let me know)
10. Bake a perfect macaroon. Or cheat and buy one from Laudree. (Have purchased the perfect macaroon but am going to continue to attempt and make my own again.)
11. Sit front row at a concert, show, or sports event. (Jets vs Dolphins front row, in the rain. I have since decided I hate the JETS until they agree to release Sanchez and free Tebow from their dreaded offense.)
12. Visit another world wonder or state park. (Currently seeking state park suggestions…and go…)
13. Try to eat an olive. (Errrrr.)
14. Take a helicopter or hot air balloon ride. (Purchased a helicopter ride on groupon and was rained out. Have yet to reschedule this but feel that this one can be pulled off last minute.)
15. Use my sewing machine. (Step 1, I did take it out of the box. Step 2, coming soon.)
16. Visit a state I’ve never been to. (Rhode Island, neither a road nor an island. Got it!)
17. Be more “green”. Tend my garden! (No fault of my own, our stand up garden collapsed. Seeking a delivery of soil and will replant in a larger space on the ground.)
18. Take my family on a cruise. (Not looking so good folks.)
19. Start a blog….and then… (CHECK)
20. Delete Facebook! (Check and uncheck. I am proud of my Facebook utilization and how I no longer use it for reasons other than promoting what is here on the blog.)
21. Pray with or for strangers. (Praying for strangers constantly. Wonder if you’re one of them?)
22. Learn another instrument. (Can’t toot my own horn on this task.)
23. Find a loving home for a sweet boxer. (Thank you and I’m sorry Sarah & Jeff.)
24. Go fishing. (Help here, anyone?)
25. Try Rosetta Stone for Arabic. (I OWN it, now if only I had a little more time to…)
26. Start a charity or memorial scholarship to honor my father. (This happened in a different capacity but my intentions are there. We put a call out on the blog and through IG and I was able to find several families in need this holiday. We gave them gift cards to purchase food and gifts for their families. Baby steps.)
27. Camp outside… in a tent. (Who wants to let me borrow their tent?)
28. Help someone else achieve a bucket list item. (Have I? Maybe? I’m available for special requests.)
29. Explore Florida, stop taking it for granted. (YES…)
30. Be more gracious and Christ-like. (We’ll find out on judgement day.)

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thanks…we’re GIVING…

One of the items on my 30 before 30 challenge was to start a charity or scholarship in memory of my father. I’m not sure if I will have time to check this off before April, so I’ve come up with something else that is on my heart this holiday season.

You hear a lot about secret Santa shoppers and picking up the tab for lay away carts. As a family, we participate in a lot of programs and charity efforts during the holiday. These are all lovely opportunities to help strangers, however, something tells me that there are needs of friends… or friends of friends… however far removed from us this friend may be, that has a need. We want to help. If someone I know or someone I know has knowledge of someone who has a need, can we help? This person does not need to know where the aid is coming from or why.

I’m looking for anyone who want to send me an email or message and let me know. Is there a bill that needs to be paid? A meal to be bought? A gift to give? A prayer to pray? We can do it. There is nothing we won’t entertain. Here is the thing, my father would do anything for anyone and I know he continues to be a huge prayer warrior for those in need. If I could somehow serve in a fraction of the way he did, I would be blessed.

There is no deadline. No gimmick. Just a heavy heart, a lot of thanks, and much to give.

Send me an email:  racheleade @ gmail



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