Faking A Homestead
Apr 21, 2017 Homestead No responses

If you’ve ever been to Portville, NY… you might understand I didn’t always live this “Boca” life. I didn’t even choose this life, it kind of just happened when my family moved here 20 years ago. Where I grew was a nicknamed The Enchanted Mountains and your drive to or from town was full of views. Grazing cows. Growing corn. Roadside farm stands. Nothing at all like where my kids are being raised.

Sigh. But a girl can dream right? Or fake it until the City of Boca shuts me down. Just a little peek at what is making me every so giddy in my own backyard.

Lime tree from last year is super fruitful this year. It wasn’t planted in the most ideal spot for sun but thriving none-the-less. Lemon tree we just planted a couple months ago and I think it will be an amazing producer. The chickens, well 2 of the 8, are now laying. One or two eggs a day in total but I’m hoping to see a few new nesting boxes with egg in the coming weeks.

The roses bloom on and off all year. The Jasmine and gardenias are spring bloom and you can not miss the beauty and aroma of the Jasmine wall. I LOVE IT. Baby pineapple and what looks like 2 new pineapple crowns coming up. Hooray!




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