Summer Essential Cocktails and Mocktails
May 24, 2016 OilsUncategorized No responses

Summer just screams “TIME FOR A REFRESHING BEVERAGE!” Am I right? Afterall, isn’t this when the birth of lemonade stands occurred? I know my children are itching at the idea of a sidewalk lemonade stand and that got me thinking about some other fun drinks that we could introduce people to and with added benefits from our Young Living essential oils! If you haven’t heard about the Young Living Ningxia drink, it is an incredible and powerful whole-body supplement that is both sweet and tangy. It includes Wolfberry which is just one of the many superfoods packed into this drink. I love it and all you need are a few ounces (2-4oz) a day!

Another summer favorite is a mojito and I was dreaming of merging these two for a while. I finally did it after the overwhelming growth of my garden mint.

Now you can definitely spike this (I would use vodka) after hours, but for now this is my summer jam!!!
6-8 fresh mint leaves, raw sugar, a few lime wheels and a drop of lime EO. Muddle that in a glass. Add 2oz of Ningxia to a shaker of ice, shake all ingredients together. Top with club soda. Enjoy!!NingxiaMojito

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