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I figured since a lot of people have some basic questions and some real interest… I would put it out here for an easy reference. Not that I don’t LOVE to answer every individual question, for those who feel intimidated or like they aren’t as comfortable approaching me (you’re crazy, I’m really cool) here is quick overview of WHY and HOW I chose the oily life.

Young Living has 20+ years of experience and is the world leader and pioneer in essential oil research and distillation process.

If you’re getting your oils from somewhere else, chances are, they took a page from the Young Living book. Just stick with the original, mmmkay?

Young Living oils are beyond organic.  Why?

Each bath of oils is rigorously tested in house for therapeutic viability.

Young Living owns their own farms across the globe.  Read about their farms on the website.

You can actually visit the farms and participate in the harvest/distillation process.

Young Living is the only company to submit their oils to AIRASE for purity testing.

With over 150 singles and blends, Young Living has THE best selection of oils and home/personal products of any essential oil company.

Young Living has an unmatched Seed to Seal process to guarantee the purity and potency of every oil. Can your chain store brand say that?

All oils are NOT created equal. What you see somewhere else should never be used as suggested by Young Living resources.

Would you let your dog groomer cut your hair? I mean, they own cutting shears right?

Young Living oils do not have an expiration date. Never. Like leave them in your will… if you have any drops left.

Young Living oils are safe for ingestion. You heard me. Drop it like it’s hot… lemon to your water. Peppermint to your coffee. Basil to your spaghetti. Do it.



By definition, essential oils are the vital (and aromatic) fluids of a plant, shrub, root, herb, flower, seed or tree. You can think of the oil as a plant’s “immune system”–it is essential to the life and health of the plant. Oils are typically extracted through careful steam distillation that ensures all the important therapeutic and health-giving constituents of the oil remain intact.

 A few ways I LOVE to use oils for my whole family.

GERMS. Ew. They’re seriously everywhere and with 4 kids we can not be spending our days passing germs around. So we use oils (the very oils in the premium starter kit) and create a blend to apply topically every single day for immunity. We also diffuse daily to get the cleanest air possible.

SLEEP. Zzzzz. With 4 kids, sleep is not extremely common but when we are asleep we like to make it extra peaceful. There are SO many oils we use on different occasions to enhance our sleepytime.

MOOD. And boy are we a moody crew. All at different times, for different reasons, and that is totally ok. When you’ve worked with oils for sometime, you become familiar with what works best for each person. We all have our “go to” oil to help us chill!

If you are interested in joining my team, we are a really cool squad and we hustle hard.

To enroll with my group, CLICK HERE, make sure the number 2088406 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields.

Signing up for wholesale/distributors, you will get 24% off retail prices which is totally major!

If you sign up as a distributor & are actively purchasing you have the option of joining our facebook group, or two, or three.  If you are interested in selling the oils and sharing about the company I am passionate about helping women earn income to help support their families if that is a goal of yours!

 Remember, Young Living will reward that person under their compensation plan for taking the time to share the oils with you and invest in your oils journey.

If you are joining my team, two things that I recommend:

one is purchasing the $150 Premium Starter Kit and picking an Essential Rewards kit.

Make sure you choose the wholesale option for those lower ordering prices! By purchasing a rewards kit you are signing up for a monthly ordering program that give you the ability to earn points for free products, enjoy reduced shipping costs, and plan out your family’s oily budget. Plus if you are a part of this monthly program you are able to receive commissions off of growing your own business.


 Any suggestions made on this blog are very specific to Young Living essential oils and should not be used with oils from another source. Statements made on this website about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician. If you are currently on medication, please DO NOT STOP.

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