Worst Weather Ever….
Jan 05, 2014 L and MeUncategorized 2

and the award goes to FLORIDA for it’s performance in “Winter.” Seriously missing the snow today. My Facebook is blowing up with gorgeous shots of that white fluffy stuff, well that and the FSU soon to be National Champions. I’m scrolling back through my pictures from the past week and keep falling more and more in love with each little detail of London in the snow. So… what better therapy for my broken snow heart than to make a whole post of it!

It never gets old. She loved it as much the first day and she did the seventh day. I loved watching her the first day and the seventh day. I loved spending 10 minutes to get her fully clothed and have her come in and strip it all down into a puddle on the floor within seconds, because I remember that exact scenario from my own childhood. I loved her pink cheeks and chapped top lip. I loved the pieces of ice stuck in her knotty hair. I loved that she chose each knitted hat she would wear. I loved the little Sorel boots that matched her jacket. I loved EVERYTHING about HER and the SNOW!

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