Go tell it on the mountains…
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London had her school Christmas Chapel today. Sounds like a production, but as with anything for her age, her performance was less than 90 seconds long. To give you an idea of how one of these shows works for me…

7:00-8:00: Breakfast, get everyone dressed, pack snacks and drinks, get in the car

8:30: Drop London off in her classroom (Show starts at 8:50)

8:30-9:30: Sit in my parked car and entertain Hudson, nurse, allow him to press buttons, turn the car on and off, wipers on and off, music on and off, throw goldfish all over the floor.

9:30-9:40: Slowly make my way to the show, about 100 feet away, allowing Hudson to walk so we don’t arrive earlier than London’s time slot.

9:42-9:45: London takes the stage, I hold Hudson in one arm and run down the aisle to the front where I quickly snap an out of focus shot, and Facetime Mike so he can watch, her class sings ONE song, she spots me and starts crying and freezes on stage because she wants to go home with me.

9:46: I quickly run around the building to the door she will exit from and intercept her walking back to her class and tell her she can come home with me instead of sit in her classroom for an extra hour.

Are you tired yet? I’m exhausted. Now I treat her and Hudson to a day of mall Santa, Chick-fil-a, and the Christmas train. London makes a friend on the train and does not want to get off. Bribed and pulled away by a free balloon in the Nordstrom kid shoe section, boy oh boy is she ever my child.

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