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I did it. I did what I said I was not totally prepared to do. I did what I said I would wait until I was sure London was comfortable to do.

Homeschool. This morning when I woke up and saw my news feed of back to school images, I decided it was worth a try. I wanted to get London comfortable with the idea of associating “school” with our room at home. We ate breakfast, showered and got dressed, and casually made our way in to the room around 9:00am. Everything was not perfect, and from all my research I find that it probably never will be. I had no agenda or lesson plan broken out in time slots. Hudson was not interested in napping and I had not yet thought through my plan for what to do to keep him entertained and engaged while attending to London. I also did not factor in that our current table is within his reach so projects and supplies were bound to be snatched and chewed.

The first think I decided we would do, was discuss the day and how we were going to do fun learning activities. I told London if she needed a break to tell me, and if had questions to ask me. I kept reminding her that although sometimes people leave their house to go to school, sometimes mommies or daddies can be teachers in your house too.

London had selected a cardboard cut-out from the teacher supply store so our first activity was for her to look in the mirror and draw/color/decorate herself on the cut out. I asked her to describe it to me as she went along. Cardboard London has curly pipe cleaner hair, pink eyes and a big pink smile, a patterned necklace, and of course is wearing a dress. My plan is to get another cut out for her to do at the end of the year too for a side by side!

Next we worked on several fine motor skills. We punched holes in a paper plate I asked London to thread it with string and pipe cleaners. She then decorated it further by cutting and placing fun washi tape on the back. We did a few pages from scholastic workbooks, and then took a break for lunch and a trip to Target. For the Target trip, I gave London a list of items we needed and she had to tell me the letters each item started with, locate them in the store, tell me the numbers in the price, and of course put them in the cart.

We visted Daddy and delivered him a Starbucks, and drove home over the big kind of new bridge. I asked London to tell me a story about the bridge and what she saw. Once home, London gathered up five books and we sat together and read them. She was able to pick out sight words I asked her for in each of the stories. Several times in the late afternoon, she asked me if we could do more school projects and I was excited to hear that from her.

In true back to school fashion, I asked her if I could snap her picture, to which she agreed after being bribed very heavily by a chocolate sundae. I gave her all the ingredients and she made it herself.

You have to start somewhere, right? I know it will be a lot of work and there are a lot of challenges we will both face, but I feel like as long as I am able to make something fruitful out of each day, we will be ok.

(Homeschool room and curriculum tour to follow…one day…)

6 comments on “Back to School…

  1. I love your dress London. I am going to keep watch here in New Hampshire for fun things for you to do in your new classroom. That way – I can be your teacher too! Mommy – does that mean no more pre-school? You go girl!

  2. London, I am so happy for you on your first day of homeschool. I’m sure Mommy will make learning fun. I can’t wait to see your classroom. Good Luck Rachel..Great choice.

  3. This warmed by heart and brought lots of tears to my eyes, I was homeschooled and your story reminds me of all the fun projects my mom used to do with us as well as all the fun arts and crafts we did during holidays: her dressing us up like pilgrims and well you can only imgaine the rest. I have the best memories from being homeschooled. I still took PE with other kids, I was a swimmer & gymnist in elementry, middle, and highschool, I did more volunteering than most other kids I knew that went to public schools, and I still remmeber A beka books and Saxon for math 🙂 My mother homeschooled all 6 of us and graduated all 6 of us. Good Luck Rachel London is lucky to have you ! Sorry in advance for all typos and grammar errors lol <3

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