52 Lists Project Week 4
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This week is a little deep! The topic for the list project on week four is to list your current and future goals and dreams. Huge! I can remember when people would ask me “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and I usually had an answer. First I wanted to be a teacher, then a doctor, next an event planner, for some time I dreamed of just being a stay at home mother, and even now I realize I may never have an answer to that question. My current job title is super long. I am a mother, blogger, photographer, wife, cook, maid, and I guess many other things however I hardly get a pay check for them. It is definitely more realistic to discuss goals and dreams. I have big huge goals and my dreams are quite fantastical.

The challenge here is really deciding which category to place my list items. Goals and dreams kind of run together for me I guess. I’m all mixed up in dream land but here we go. Also, this in someways an extention of my Bucket List that I failed to complete before I turned 30.


Week 4 // List Your Current and Future Goals and Dreams

+Stay humble

+Eat clean and mindful but never forget my ice cream

+Speak kind and thoughtful words

+Take care of my family, all of them, whenever I can

+Travel the country in an airsteam, bring along anyone who will join

+Travel abroad with my children, as often as possible

+Open a coffee shop, lots of coffee, lots of flowers

+Sew, seriously start to sew

+Take a hot air balloon ride

+Own a Polaroid

+Homeschool my children

+Live disease free

+Publish my children’s book

+Take a missions trip with my children

+Attend every sporting event my children are ever in

+Always chose love and patience

+Read more, finish the Bible

+Live in NYC

+Convince my grandparents to visit more

+Take that damn cruise

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