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It’s definitely easier to remember the “big” things your children do. Even in the moment you may think something is a “big” thing but before you know it, experiences compound, and those once big things are now the little things. I am trying to be more in the moment, especially when as I mentioned earlier this week, those moments are flying by. Using my phone as a camera is always the easiest but that often leads to me doing other things on the internet, texting, etc so I am putting down my phone more during the day and picking up my camera. I LOVE the way my life looks when captured in photos. I have said countless times how awesome it would be to pay someone to follow me around and take pictures all day. This would ensure two things. 1) I do not miss a single moment, and can do the best “freeze” of time that man is able to do and 2) I would actually be in some of the pictures. Well, life has no afforded me that Kardashian luxury, so for now I will be the photographer and I will be forever face behind the camera.

The little things I see during the day are what keeps me going even when the messes, meltdowns, and laundry piles up. The little things are the reason I know God gave me these kids. The little things are what I will wish I could see and hear again long after they leave the house. These little things are what inspire me each day.

London crawling into the crib or cuddling up with Hudson wherever he is. Reading to him, “fishing” for him with the slinky, watching herself in the mirror as she sings¬†twinkle twinkle little star. Picture here is the “like a diamond in the sky” verse.

It does not take kids to learn the importance of the little things, but it does take a camera to remember them best!

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