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One of the items on my 30 before 30 challenge was to start a charity or scholarship in memory of my father. I’m not sure if I will have time to check this off before April, so I’ve come up with something else that is on my heart this holiday season.

You hear a lot about secret Santa shoppers and picking up the tab for lay away carts. As a family, we participate in a lot of programs and charity efforts during the holiday. These are all lovely opportunities to help strangers, however, something tells me that there are needs of friends… or friends of friends… however far removed from us this friend may be, that has a need. We want to help. If someone I know or someone I know has knowledge of someone who has a need, can we help? This person does not need to know where the aid is coming from or why.

I’m looking for anyone who want to send me an email or message and let me know. Is there a bill that needs to be paid? A meal to be bought? A gift to give? A prayer to pray? We can do it. There is nothing we won’t entertain. Here is the thing, my father would do anything for anyone and I know he continues to be a huge prayer warrior for those in need. If I could somehow serve in a fraction of the way he did, I would be blessed.

There is no deadline. No gimmick. Just a heavy heart, a lot of thanks, and much to give.

Send me an email:  racheleade @ gmail



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