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Everyone is familiar with my 30 before 30 challenge. It should come as so surprise that when I saw the words “children’s bucket list” and “toddler bucket list” somewhere recently I started to think, in a non morbid way, how cute this idea is. So I am coming up with a list of things for myself and London to cross off. Although she won’t quite know that all of these things are happening, I can document each of them and share them with her down the road!

I’ve just really started the list, and so many things she has done already like, make mud pies for instance! I would love anyone to throw out some ideas for us as I work on this list over the next week or so!

1. Lots of glitter and confetti photoshoot

2. Freedom with a fresh jar of peanut butter (which was impromptu and happened today). The way it went down was she could not reach her spoon far enough in to the last of the already opening jar. I myself LOVE the feeling of opening up a fresh jar of peanut butter so I figured she would too. Add 2 spoons, a few slices of apple, and grab your camera!

3. Have a paint fight.

4. Swim with dolphins.

5. Jump in big puddles.

6. Sleep outside.

7. Fly a kite.



If you were a kid, what would be on YOUR bucket list??






4 comments on “Kid Bucket List…

  1. Catch fireflies, make a dandelion chain, make holihock (sp?) dolls, spit watermelon seeds. Ohhhh – this is fun!

  2. We looooved the rain one when I was little. My mom used to do it in our driveway (after she hosed it down, somehow the puddles didn’t seem as dirty as in a city, you know? lol). She would add the big golf umbrellas and we would set them up like houses. She’d bring out tupperware and we’d mix around the water like we were baking, have a tea party… go the extra mile with that one. It’s worth the memories!

  3. In reference to my first response to London’s Bucket List I wanted to add the fact that – this weekend much of her family watched the shooting stars and fireflies at Aunt Judy’s in VT. So this is the place to come to fulfill these wishes.

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