Flashback Friday.
Apr 13, 2012 Life TodayUncategorized 5

A few days ago, Mike and I began to discuss and book our summer travel plans. One trip we love to take is to see my family in upstate New York. Let me be clear here, we are no where near NYC, in fact we are a stone throw from Pennsylvania and it is strictly country! This is the township where I grew up and it is very dear to my heart. The weather is always such a refreshing break from what we deal with during July here in South Florida. This year we booked for just two short weeks, allowing us to spend July 4th there but also leave room to possible travel one or two other places. (This is where I make my plug to my Sitti Souad for a trip to Lebanon this summer and this is also where I potentially cross off one or two items from my 30 list). I’m also thrilled that my sister and her soon-to-be fiancĂ© will be joining us for part of this trip. As I count down the days to this established trip, I really love looking back on pictures of London, the past 2 summers we have spent there, and appreciating the time we have with my family and grandparents each year! I can’t wait to be on the porch of 239 N. Second Street!!!





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  1. Can’t wait to meet yours grandparents, and see the places where all of you grew up. I feel blessed to be a part of and involved in such an amazing family. I hope someday to share and pass these things along as your family does.

    1. Welcome to the crew Jeff. Hanging with 5 or 6 of us in Boca is easy. Wait until you are getting grilled by each and every person in the picture above…simultaneously! Olean, here we come!

      1. Ahh piece of cake. Nothing I can’t handle. Bring it on Olean! Wait until you guys start to meet my family!! That my friend, will be interesting.

  2. I can’t even stand looking at these pictures….summer seems too long away….best part for me is when you are all with us. Here’s to camping in my backyard!

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