Get Dirty.
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I had the idea for a pallet garden several months back. While this creation was very elementary, I just wanted to see if I could keep up with the demands of a small garden. As you can see from the picture, we have quite the little herb fest going on. If London leaves it alone long enough, the strawberries turn out great too! I use the mint and basil most but simply adore the smell of sage and lavender too! This past week, as a small birthday gift to me and notch on his handy belt, Mike built me the stand up garden. Prior to this project, Mike has not been so successful in the handy man department. We can all recall the first incident upon moving in to the new house when I had asked him to place a small fence around an area of the yard to keep the dogs out. Well, with an ax in hand, Mike cut through the fresh cable line (we all know how fun waiting on AT&T can be) as well as the sprinkler line. It was then that we limited him to projects that were stand alone in nature and both above ground with no connection to current standing structures. While this garden still fall within his abilities, I am proud that he took on this task without my asking and was excited to complete it with no injuries or loss of power. Prior to the dirt being tossed in, yes it did somewhat resemble a casket, and yes we have just recently taken out healthy life insurance policies. For now, London and I love this little garden project and tend to it every day. We are hoping to have watermelons, carrots, snow peas, and cucumber in the casket by the end of summer!!

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